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EINLEHNER AT 1000 TS CODE: P.111.XXX USAGE To determine the abrasion of fillers and pigments with platelet shaped components for comparison and quality control.
The abrasion tester AT 1000 which has been in use since 1970 all over the world, is ideal for the comparison and quality control of platelet shaped fillers and pigments. The unit provides information on the wear properties of paper machine screens, cutting and punching tools as well as roller spreaders and blades when these fillers and pigments are used. The abrasion tester model AT 1000 has been in production since 1970 and its function principle has remained unaltered since then. However, the unit has been improved at intervals in terms of its handling, test accuracy and long-term accuracy. All the experience which has been gathered since its launch has been integrated in the design of PTE Austria’s latest model of the original Einlehner AT 1000. The device comes with an integrated touchscreen for an intuitive and easy operation. The rotary abrader rotates independently of the mains frequency (50 – 60 Hz) at a standard rotation rate of either 1450 rpm or 1800 rpm. In addition, the new electronic system can be used to select any other rotary values. On the touchscreen there are the preset and the actual revolutions displayed (maximum 999.990 revolutions) and the speed of the abrasion stirrer can be controlled. The mixing rod is narrower at the bottom where it is submerged in the suspension. This leads into keeping the guide at the top free from contamination.
* top-quality materials and manufacturing
* special technology since 1970
* intuitive and easy operation via touchscreen
* special tool for easy PVC rings appliance
* one 1l measuring beaker
* 1 starter kit of 500 screens, 200 PVC rings and 25 stainless steel wear plates



Zellcheming-Merkblatt V/27.5/75


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