Labtron Equipment Ltd / Autoclavable Bioreactor LAB A10



Autoclavable Bioreactor LAB-A10 is a single vessel type, benchtop laboratory fermentor offering a volume of 0.5 litres. It has been specially designed to serve biotechnological and pharmaceutical research and development.

  • Suitable for high density, continuous fermentation
  • Automatic fermentation process from start to end
  • High resolution, built-in colour touch screen
  • Displays temperature, pH, DO, motor speed & peristaltic pump status simultaneously
  • Precise control of pH, DO & dead band value of the peristaltic pump
  • Easy calibration of pH, DO & foam sensors using graphic calibration mode
  • Controllable motor speed via DO mode
  • RS-232C interface and wireless communication protocol
  • Pt-100 temperature sensor
  • PID controlled temperature, pH and DO

Series LAB-A is applicable Microbiology, Tissue culturing, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical industry.

Optional Accessories
4 Gas Mixer (on/off type) TG-01
2 Gas Mixer (on/off type) TG-02
4 Gas Mixer (manual) TG-03
2 Gas Mixer (manual) TG-04





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