CODE: E.206
To determine the smoothness of paper or cardboard according to the BEKK method.
This solid constructed device comes with a measuring head as well as a microcontroller, which is easily operated via touchscreen. The sample is placed in the measurement area with a photocell. The measurement can be done manually or fully automatically, without manual influence of the latter. After pressing the start button, the 10 kg measuring head lowers down on the sample. That weight guarantees that the measuring head sits tightly on the glass plate. The integrated vacuum pump lowers the pressure in the system to 50.7 kPa. The device then records the amount of time required until the pressure difference with the surroundings is exactly 48.0 kPa (or 29.3 kPa). The time measured is displayed in BEKK-seconds. Already ten seconds after the start of the test, an intermediate result is available. The software calculates minimum, maximum, arithmetic means and standard deviation. The measuring volume can be reduced by 1/10 or 1/20.This reduces the test time to a minimum but still shows very reliable test results.
  • easy operation via touchscreen
  • photo cell for placing the sample (manual tests and fully automatic tests)
  • USB interface for maintenance, data export and printing
  • CE certified



ISO 5627; DIN 53107; TAPPI T475


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