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Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester
             Pressure reducer method GB/T 10792 carbon dioxide gas capacity tester 1 is specialized in testing the specified volume multiple of carbonated beverages (soda). The test method is based on the pressure reducer method (routine test method) in GB/T 10792-2008 carbonated beverage (soda). The whole test process is completed automatically to improve the test efficiency and avoid the influence of manual operation on the results.
Test principle
             carbon dioxide gas capacity is an important quality characteristic index of carbonated beverages. GB/T10792-2008 carbonated beverages (soda) specify the test method for carbon dioxide gas capacity, as follows summary test steps are: piercing the bottle cap; Open the bleed valve to exhaust; Close the bleed valve; Reciprocating and violent shaking for 40 seconds; After the pressure is stable, record the number of megapascals (measure the liquid temperature); Test results of carbon dioxide gas capacity. The testing process is complicated, the manual operation is very complicated, the workload is large, and manual shaking of the bottle is dangerous. Human errors may occur in each test link, resulting in inaccurate test data.
             Leading Instruments Co., Ltd. gives full play to its technical advantages, and the tester of research and development enables the whole testing process to be completed automatically, thus improving the testing efficiency and avoiding the influence of manual operation on the results. During the test, only the beverage bottle to be tested needs to be fixed on the sample seat, the instrument automatically pierces the container, exhausts, continuously reciprocates and shakes for 40 seconds, and then measures the pressure and temperature to obtain the experimental results.
  • 7 inch HMI LCDtouch screen
  • PLC programmable logic controller
  • Two-motor design, piercing vibration and shaking are controlled separately.
  • Piercing displacement and speed can be controlled
  • The vibration frequency and time can be set individually.
  • High-precision pressure sensors ensure the accuracy of test results
  • High-precision temperature sensor to display the current temperature in real time
  • Fully automatically determine the experimental results after the experiment is completed.
  • measurement range 0 to 1MPa
  • resolution 0.01KPa
  • temperature range 0~30 
  • resolution 0.1
  • piercing speed 5mm/min (other settings)
  • shaking time 40sitcan be set)
  • sample height = 330mm(Other customizable)
  • power supply AC 110~220V



GB/T 10792


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