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Precision Color Evaluation
There's only one way to manage color effectively, meet customer expectations, and maximize job profitability! That is: Objective Color Measurement. In other words, densitometry. Essentially this is a matter of reading a colorbar for solid ink, dot gain, or other density-derived characteristics. However, the limited trim areas of a short cutoff press require use of narrow 1/16" (1.6mm) bars for color control. No other device on the market can do this.

Overview of Basic Operation
Setting up a press is logical and uncomplicated. After keying in job parameters (type of press/sheet size/colorbar structure), position the colorbar between two horizontal scribelines and against the side guide. The vacuum hold-down secures sheet placement and the SDT does the rest.

A typical scan takes only 10 seconds. As the SDT scanning head travels across the press sheet, it strokes the colorbar VERTICALLY to determine bar position and skew. On the scanning head's return trip, having detected the skew of the colorbar, the head scans right down the middle of the bar for accurate densitometric readings.

SDT Scanner
The SDT has an accurately flat, rugged platen with vacuum hold-down. The design supports the bridge and measuring probe head. Unique pass-through feature allows the entire press sheet to slide freely under the bridge, enabling scans of centrally located colorbars and bars at the bottom of the sheet.

SDT Intelligent Analysis
Sampling a few sheets during the run provides an immediate comparison of performance to specifications. And by charting long-term trends, the SDT becomes an essential quality assurance tool.

Statistical analysis of the entire job file is performed by SCP software that comes with the system. Color-coded graphical displays show X-bar and range data for each scan. A frequency histogram generated from readings charts the distribution.

Flexible Modular Design
The SDT Scanning Densitometer system includes all the components needed for effective color management. Its modular design allows for the convenient placement of the components according to the layout of your pressroom.

Optional Closed-Loop for Automatic Press Key Controls
The CLM Closed-Loop Module, in conjunction with the Tobias’ Scanning Densitometer, allows for off-line closed-loop control of most automated press consoles. Click here for more information.

  • Reads most standard colorbars as well as custom-made colorbars and gray balance bars
  • Built-in certified calibration plaque for automatic calibration to Standard T-Ref or Status "E" values
  • Customer can assign ink density "target values" from either house densities or customer "OK"
  • Allows for multiple unit networking capability
  • Supports "closed loop operation" with most automatic press consoles
  • Generates complete sets of reports for quality control departments
  • Measures colorbars as narrow in height as 1/16" (1.6mm) using patented "Seek & Find" software program
  • Scans colorbars in less than 10 seconds
  • One SDT can serve multiple presses simultaneously
  • Vacuum hold down and rugged construction built for the pressroom




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