Colorstriker represents a new generation of color measurement tools in the colorimeter family. It is a compact color measurement tool for industry, commerce and service providers. Data transfer is wireless and via Bluetooth.

Compact color measuring instrument for industry, commerce and service centers
Color and above all its perception is an important part of the daily life and is commonly expected as granted. Often the human eye is the decisive criterion for assessing the accuracy of a colour. Although the human eye becomes tired and generally only perceives colour subjectively, it is still often used for the final release or even criticism of a product’s colour as well as for making a compliant. Our colorimeter is a user independent evaluation device that provides a correct measurement. Colorstriker allows precise high-level measurements with the additional possibility of color reproduction on a screen with excellent fidelity. Colorstriker represents a new generation of color measurement tools in the colorimeter family.

It offers a dramatically improved achievement potential, with an excellent price-performance ratio – even only a split of the price for a spectrophotometer - with a measurement precision already during its development process quite near to results of several spectrophotometers parallel used for comparison. The comfortable and lightweight Colorstriker has a robust splash-proof (acc. to IP 24) plastic housiing, in the proven handy shape size like a computer mouse. The data transfer to the concerned computer chosen by the user is carried out directly and simple via Bluetooth. Additionally, there is no previous knowledge around the colour measurement matter necessary!

Colorstriker offers the user a variety of applications: in the graphics industry, automotive industry or in the production / processing of lacquers and paints, as well as in any other sector where compliance with an exact color specification is important. Colorstriker knows no limits and allows the user to achieve accurate results. The Colorstriker's application field ranges from the measure of the color difference between the reference color and the sample to be tested up to the measure of the absolute color value with evaluation and subsequent data processing. The dedicated software is already included.

As the measurement is released automatically at an optimal distance to the surface to be measured, it can also be performed "free hand", without measuring help, i.e. without touching the measured surface. This requires to hold the Colorstriker in a low height parallel to the specimen surface. Then, the instrument has to be moved slowly towards the specimen surface. The measurement will be released automatically at the optimum distance. After the quick and accurate measurement the data are transmitted via Bluetooth to the computer. By using the supplied software Colorstriker the data can also be realistically visually depicted on the screen.




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