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DK_190 Headspace Gas Analyzer
                 DK_190 Headspace Gas Analyzer adopts a new handheld design and is equipped with advanced sensors, which can accurately and conveniently determine O2, CO2, N2 in sealed packaging bags, bottles, cans and other packaging containers. It can store the testing data in the device and transfer to the DK-190 software or third-party software. Effectively testing the atmosphere of the package is necessary steps of mass brand manufacturing.
  • Testing data can be saved automatically.
  • Portable design is suitable for test on production lines.
  • The testing data can be transported to the DK-190 software or the third-party software
  • The protective cover of the sampler needle assured the testing safety
  • The built-in storage of data can reach 1500 pieces , which can meet the needs of large amount
  • Color display with touching function
  • It can be used for measurement of oxygen or combination of oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • The minimum volume of sampling gas is 3 ml
  • Data can be transmitted through Ethernet and USB
  • Optional wireless micro-printer
The gas is transported to the embedded sensor which calculate the proportion of O2 and CO2 via the exported signal, the test is stopped when the required condition is reached
Technical Specifications
  • Testable Gas  : O2(Standard), CO2(Optional)
  • Test Principle :  Electrochemistry, Infra-red absorption
  • Life of Sensor :  2 years(In air), >15 years
  • Specification of Sensor  : 0~100%
  • Resolution  : 0.01 %
  • Accuracy :  ±0.2% , ±(0.03%+reading value *5%)
  • Sampling Volume  : <3ml(Standard Mode)
  • Dimension  : 230mm (L) ×120mm(W) ×82mm(H)
  • Power Supply  : 220VAC±10% 50Hz , 120VAC±10% 60Hz
  • Net Weight :  1 kg



This test instrument conforms to many national and international standards: ISO 15105-1, ISO 2556, ASTM D1434, JIS K7126-1, GB/T 1038-2000, YBB 00082003


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