One of the smallest portable glossmeters ever designed. EN ISO 2813, DIN 67 530, ISO 7668 and ASTM D 523. Gloss measurement using the normally angle 60 ° required in the paper industry: printing, packaging, overprint coatings and their applications.

Measure gloss using the norrmal 60 ° angle required in the paper industry: printing, packaging, overprint coatings and related applications. PICOGLOSS is controlled by a microprocessor and is equipped, instead of the usual filament lamp, with an energy-saving and extremely long-lasting LED. The measured values can be transferred via USB interface to a PC. Measurement range: 0 - 1000 gloss units with automatic changeover to 150 gloss units. Calibration is quick and easy with just one calibration standard. The LCD display also shows messages. Complete with high-gloss standard level, battery, USB cable, lens cloth, operating instructions and an elegant carrying case.

The instrument must be handled with some care not to damage the internal components. It is important to keep the device away from direct sunlight, high humidity, sudden changes in temperature, shocks, dusty environment and aggressive vapors. The instrument lens must be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary using the lens cloth supplied with the PICOGLOSS 560 MC-X. After each use of the lens cloth put it back together with the instrument in its case. When not used please keep the instrument and the calibration standard in the appropriate case. Sudden changes in environmental conditions (in temperature and / or humidity) can cause inconveniences and problems during measurement readings (a typical case is the phenomenon of lens fogging).





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