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HST_02 Gradation heat sealing instrument 
                    HST_02 Gradation heat sealing instrument can determine five groups of seal parameters at one time including heat seal temperature, time and pressure of plastic films, laminated films for flexible package, coating paper, and so on. Different melting point, heat stability, fluidness, and thickness of heat seal materials bring various heat seal properties and different seal technique parameters as well. With this instrument users can get the best heat seal parameters accurately and efficiently HST_02 Gradation Heat-Sealing Instrument Five groups sealing temperature can be measured with one test Proximity and pressure sensor for precise dwell time and sealing pressure control Independent heating of upper and lower sealing jaws
  • Working station: 5
  • Temperature control range : RT-250
  • Dwell Pressure  : 0.15 MPa~0.7MPa
  • Temperature control accuracy :   ±0.2
  • Temperature gradation  : 20
  • Dwell time(s) :  0.1_9999
  • Seal surface (mm)  : 40*10* 5
  • Heat type  : Double heat surfaces



ASTM F2029


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