Tobias Associates Inc / IQ150 Color Densitometer



The IQ150 is programmed to display clearly worded prompts which allows operators to not need instructional manuals.

The IQ150 measures density and computes density difference, dot area, and dot gain. The densitometer simultaneously displays all the filters densities showing the major filter in large lettering.
The IQ150 Densitometer, engineered with the latest in software technology, is so easy to use that an operator's manual isn't even needed! Yet, the affordable IQ150 fulfills your press and pre-press quality control needs with precision. It quickly and easily computes the main densitometric functions: density, density difference, dot area and dot gain. The IQ150 Densitometer has proven itself an indispensable workhorse for printers. No other portable densitometer available today can offer so much, so consistently, at so reasonable a price.
  • Available functions: Density, Density Difference, Dot Area and Dot Gain.
  • Simultaneous display of all filter densities: Shows the major filter value in large characters; the three minor values are shown smaller.
  • Plainly worded, self-guiding prompts: Simple directions appear on the display; no complicated operating instructions or training manuals to study.
  • Large, high-contrast display area: Easy-to-read display can be viewed from virtually any angle.
  • Murray-Davies and Yule-Nielsen dot area calculations: Switch between equations at the touch of a button.
  • Convenient one-hand operation: All densitometric functions are quickly and easily accessed through one button.
  • Automatic turnoff: Saves battery by shutting off after 90 seconds of non-use.
  • Several thousand readings per battery charge: Also runs from the A.C. adapter/charger.
  • RS-232 output port: Use with a printer for reports, or a computer for analysis or data storage. Selectable manual or automatic transfer.
  • Easy software calibration: Eliminates trial-and-error screwdriver adjustments.
  • Available in French or Spanish: Displays all user prompts in the selected language.




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