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ISOBARIC_401 Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester
                The ISOBARIC_401 Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester is designed and manufactured according to ASTM D3985 and other standards, and is suitable for testing the oxygen transmission rate of high and medium oxygen and air barrier materials. It is suitable for testing the oxygen transmission rate of films, sheets, containers and related materials in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, daily chemicals, photovoltaics, electronics, industrial products, etc.
                The treated sample is clamped onto the test chamber.Oxygen or air flows on one side of the film and high purity nitrogen flows on the other side of the film. Oxygen molecules diffuse through the film into the high purity nitrogen in the other side and are carried by the flowing nitrogen to the sensor, which analyses the oxygen concentration measured by the sensor and produces oxygen transmission rate test data after reaching permeation equilibrium.
  • High precision coulometric oxygen sensor for improved accuracy and stability of the test
  • 7" HD LCD touch screen for more intuitive content and easier operation
  • Independent single chamber testing, one sample can be tested at a time 
  • Wide range, high accuracy, automated temperature control to meet a wide range of test conditions
  • Multi-format storage and data output for test results, including Excel and cloud sharing
  • GMP compliant with multi-level user rights
  • Single and group statistical analysis of test results
  • ISP online control, upgrade function and remote change of test functions on request
  • Specialised computer communication software for real-time test display and data analysis, data storage
Technical Indexes
  • Parameters / Model ISOBARIC-401
  • Measurement range cc/(m2-day) (standard area 50cm2) 0.1 ~ 200
  • Resolution cc/(m2-day) 0.1
  • Temperature range °C 20 ~ 50 (optional)
  • Temperature Resolution °C 0.1
  • Indicators Parameters
  • Test chamber 1 pc
  • Specimen size 97 mm × 97 mm Other sizes available on request
  • Specimen thickness ≤ 3 mm
  • Standard test area 50 cm2
  • Test gas 99.5% oxygen (user supplied)
  • Carrier gas 99.999% high purity nitrogen
  • Test pressure 7.2 PSI / 50 kPa
  • Connection size 1/8" metal tube
  • Dimensions 400 mm (L) × 475 mm (W) × 450 mm (H)
  • Power supply AC 220V 50Hz



ASTM D3985, ASTM F1307, ASTM F1927, GB/T 19789, GB/T 31354, DIN 53380-3, JIS K7126-2-B, YBB 00082003-2015


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