Leading Instruments Co Ltd / LD_NT1 Medical Needle Tip Penetration Force Tester



Product Applications
               The Medical Syringe Tip Penetration Force Tester is used to test the penetration force performance of syringe tips and to assess the sharpness of syringe needles in accordance with standard regulations.
Test principle
                The needle is mounted on the drive mechanism with the measuring device attached and then the needle is passed vertically through the simulated skin at a defined speed and the maximum peak value measured is used to assess the penetration force of the needle.
Product Features
  • Industrial grade 7" capacitive touch screen, menu-based operation interface, easy to learn, understand and operate
  • Professional software design, with multi-level authority management, convenient for laboratory managers to regulate the use of equipment
  • Support remote upgrade and maintenance
  • Equipped with a micro-printer for easy printing of test results
  • Applicable to GB, YY, ISO, ASTM and other standard requirements test methods
Technical parameters
  • Nominal specification: 0.3~1.2mm
  • Test range: 0.10~5.00N
  • Accuracy: ±0.01N
  • Travelling speed: 100mm/min



Simulation skin: polyurethane film material, in line with GB15811 standard


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