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LSD_02 Leak and Seal Strength
              LSD_02 Leak and Seal StrengthDetector is applicable in the quantitative measurement of leak, heat seal strength, heat seal quality, and burst pressure of each heat seal edges of the flexible packages that are made using heat seal and adhesive processing, as well as sterilized packages; the quantitative measurement of leak performances of all kinds of plastic pilfer-proof closures; the quantitative measurement of the unitary airproof, compression resistance strength, cap body joint strength, cap disengaging strength, seal strength of edge and butting strength of various flexible tubes. It can also provide evaluation and analysis for the compression and burst resistance strength of the materials of flexible packaging bags, the torsional airproof index of cap, the cap joint and disengaging strength and the stress strength; as well as the airproof performances, the compression resistance performance and the burst resistance character of unitary bottle, etc.
  • Three test modes of burst, creep and creep to failure are available.
  • PLC programmable logic controller realizes precise pressure and time control.
  • 7 inch TFT touching screen for convenient parameter setting and test operation.
  • Multiple groups of test parameters can be save to avoid repetitive setting.
  • Test result auto statistics and storage.
  • Program customization available.
  • Test Range: 0~600kPa;0~87.0 psi (Standard)
  • Gas Source Pressure: 0.4MPa~0.9MPa (Users provide gas sources themselves)
  • Power: AC 220V 50Hz



ASTM F1140, ASTM F2054, ISO 11607


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