Tobias Associates Inc / Plate_Chek Plate Dot Meter



The Plate-Chek offset plate densitometer measures dot area on plates. Its optical head automatically chooses the appropriate filter for the color of the images being read and with a specially designed optical head ensures accuracy.  
Check dot gain on plates before they reach the pressroom? Yes.. .with a new offset plate densitometer, the Plate-Chek from Tobias. Lightweight and portable, the Plate-Chek features a unique optical head design that automatically selects the appropriate filter to read the plate image. The easy-to-use dot area functions enable you to determine the degree of dot gain on printing plates created by either direct-to-plate or conventional means of plate exposure. Evaluate exposure intensity, eliminate hot spots, check vacuum hold down with the Tobias Plate-Chek plate densitometer for precise QC dot gain evaluation.

  • Measures Dot Area on CTP as well as conventionally processed plates.
  • Automatic spectral selection to enhance reading sensitivity of plate image.
  • Clear plastic target provides easy viewing of measuring area.
  • Simple directions in English appear on the large LCD screen; high contrast display is easy to read at virtually any angle.
  • Stores base and solid values for subsequent readings.
  • Smooth, non-scratch base protects plate surface.
  • Easy software calibration. Eliminates trial-and-error screwdriver adjustments.
  • Several thousand readings per battery charge. Also runs from the AC/DC adapter/charger.
  • Automatic shutoff after 90 seconds of non-use conserves battery life. Displays last reading on power up.




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