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The SXY is a two dimensional scanning densitometer, taking readings on press sheets, and comparing them with reference values read from an OK sheet or entered manually.

Total Color Control
It's as important to you as it is to your customers. In today's competitive printing industry,increasing pressure to adopt reliable process control means objective color measurement. Now with the SXY Scanning Densitometer, color swatches can be measured ANYWHERE on the press sheet. Shorter makeready time gets you up to color fast with less waste and means a big improvement in daily production levels.

Fast, Accurate
Advanced 2-dimensional scanning in a few seconds
Densities are rapidly measured and recorded as the scanning head sweeps across the sheet, methodically evaluating your targeted points along both X and Y axes. The SXY measures absolute or relative density, dot grain, trap and contrast for comparison with your "OK" sheet or reference standards. A press sheet can be completely scanned in a few seconds.

The SXY lets you switch quickly among the running jobs in a few keystrokes – no need to reinitiate the entire sequence.

Point & Click
Set-up is as easy as pointing your finger
Just move the laser pointer on the scan head to the swatch to be measured and "click" the pushbutton, locking its position to memory. A vacuum hold-down ensures sheet flatness and stability. That's it. In seconds, the SXY is ready for operation, handling up to several hundred swatch positions per sheet.

To read color bars, click on the start and end points. The SXY does the rest. The layout of repeating minibars or color block patterns scattered between labels and in packaging tucks may be stored in memory for rapid set-up.

SXY scanning capability:
Color bars
Individual targets
Repeating patterns, i.e. labels, folding boxes
Real-Time Analysis
Intuitive, interactive control helps keep your presses running
The SXY simplifies total color control. Job setup is simplified by step-by-step instructions on screen that guide you through the operation. Choose from various display modes to review crucial print characteristics such as density, trap and dot gain. A high-resolution color display continuously shows the relative error of all selected points. Unique graphics make it easy for operators to detect areas that are out of tolerance. As a result, problem areas are quickly spotted and corrected before time and materials are wasted.

Maximize quality and productivity
The advanced capabilities of the SXY help your personnel maintain a total QC environment, without special programming requirements or extensive training.

CHOICE OF COLOR BARS. The SXY has a library of standard color bars which is easily extended to include custom color bars. Unlimited 2-axis scanning is ideal for monitoring multiple minibars.

ACCURATE ALIGNMENT. Press sheets may be aligned by means of mechanical front/side guides or an automatic two-point skew adjustment feature.

FLEXIBLE TYPES OF DISPLAYS. Various screen displays can be readily configured to suit the requirements or taste of the user.

LARGE-CAPACITY DATA STORAGE. Your press and ink data is stored for convenient access in job setup. Unlimited job storage is divided into categories of your choice for easy identification and retrieval.

SELF-CALIBRATING. Calibration is executed in seconds by the software control program, to save time and ensure accuracy.

SYSTEM ENGINEERING. The SXY is available as either a stand-alone system or as part of a complete color control network. The basic equipment includes the SXY scanning system with PC-compatible computer, high-speed thermal printer, SVGA color monitor and SPC software.
A network configuration makes SPC-based process evaluation an integral part of your pressroom operation. Individual press data is displayed at each location on the network, while QC personnel monitor all jobs at a management station.

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