Tobias Associates Inc / TBX2000 Opacity Meter



This table top densitometer displays transmission percent opacity and optical density.
Single-Step measurement of %Opacity, %Transmission, and Transmission Optical Density

The Tobias TBX2000™ Transmission Densitometer/Opacity Meter measures and calculates percent opacity, percent transmission, and transmission optical density. The unit has been designed for user convenience and error-free measurement. There is no more need to figure the percentages manually. The data can be uploaded to a spreadsheet via the USB port using an optional data transfer program (p/n A2128). To meet special requirements an optional filter carrier may be used allowing supplementary filters to isolate a portion of the spectrum that may be of interest.

The TBX2000 has been designed for user convenience and error-free measurement. Table illumination facilitates film placement and the entire operation requires only one hand, leaving the other free for note taking or sample repositioning.

Plastic materials are easily read where both the percent opacity and the percentage of light that is not transmitted through the material can be displayed. The unit can also display the density values when required. The unit has both an absolute mode and a relative mode, which can be used for comparing the measured values to a previously stored value for consistent process control.
  • Soft key menu operation
  • 7 inch throat to measure large samples
  • Readings are very repeatable with a large degree of accuracy
  • Calculates opacity and transmission percentage values automatically
  • Can display the density values.
  • USB port standard
  • Software calibration
  • Optional band pass filter
  • Switchable LED table lamps
  • Cost effective and affordable quality control system




Models Available 
  • TBX 1000  - Density , Density Difference
  • TBX 1500  - Density , Density Difference , Positive and Negative Dot Areas
  • TBX 2000  - Density , Density Difference , % Transmission , % Opacity 

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