Labtron Equipment Ltd / Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber LTHC B24



This model of Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber LTHC-B24 is specifically design to test the samples for their heat, cold, dry and moisture resistance. This machine is portable, standard type and available in range of 1000 Litres.

Features :
  • Protection against leakage and over-loading, overheating, over-temperature
  • Safety devices includes high and low pressure protective switch, high current and high humidity temperature protective switches
  • Controlling Operations through color, touch screen display
  • Internal chamber is of SUS304 stainless steel while external is of stainless steel
  • Incorporated with PC link software, R-232 /R-485 interface
  • Nichrome electronic heating system
  • Provides function of automatic water supply with build-in water reservoir
  • Auto refrigeration system installed which starts cooling automatically at high temperature
  • Equipped with LCD touch screen with user friendly interface
  • Advanced refrigeration and control system
Application :
It is used in various industries such as food, medical, aerospace, chemicals, metallurgy, clinical and life science research

Specification :
Capacity 1000L
Temperature range -20? to +150 ?/-40? to +150 ?/ -70? to +150 ?/-86?~+180?
Temperature fluctuations ± 0.5 ?
Temperature deviation ± 2.0 ?
Humidity deviation ± 2.5% RH
Humidity range 20% ~ 98% R.H
Heating rate 3? / min
Cooling rate 5? / min
Internal dimension (mm) 1000*1000*1000
Overall dimension (mm) 1500*1550*2110




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